Greetings from India [UPDATES]

The team had the pleasure of attending a Christian wedding and the issues related to organising and accepting of wedding. Often this happened as a pretext of many mixed marriages and  parents negotiate the differences and giving their own strong stand and journeying in love and to give chance  for true love and evenly building a new community of kingdom.

Indian wedding

The team witnessed a colourful wedding and the various tradition followed . this was a first experience  for the team to witness a wedding.

Inauguration of Skill training Center in Juveniles center

Open Skill training Center

Roland ingaurated a skill training center at Juvenile home where convicts under 18 of age are kept and supervised in an institute and center for rehabilitation. It is here the YMCA Salem inaugurated a life-skill training center, where the inmates are taught computer education both as information and also as data entry operation which will offer stability at work and self-sufficiency, the two volunteers from Germany, Martin and Sebastian, agreed to work on sports to bring out their inborn and innate gift and skills and nurture the same in a conducive learning environment. The center provides new hope for the children assuring the bad moments experienced could turn a new w possibility to change and redirect the course of action.

Inauguration of Counseling Center at YMCA Salem.


With growing need for counseling and guidance for youth and students. The YMCA today inaugurated a center with a motive to offer special counseling for the needy students. The center was inaugurated by Roland and Marianne for the benefit of the students and wider community at large.

Connecting to new frontiers (4th day)

After many attempts Roland Werner met with Rev. Sam Stephens at Salem. The brief discussion helped to relate the mission concern for YMCA. The discussion  priorized on the forth coming mission conference in India  and also on the task of worships at the next YMCA World council meetings at Colorado, 1214, for which Roland Werner has graciously consented to the request of the Secretary General of the World Alliance.


Meeting and welcome evening at YMCA New Delhi with the National Council of YMCAs of India and also the president and leadership of YMCA New Delhi. The evening brought also some of the YMCA leaders of the YMCA North India offering richness of a wider and ecumenical fellowship. The German leadership was welcomed with traditional way of shawling the guests. The president Roland Williams, president of the YMCA S of India welcomed and greeted the visiting Germany team and honored. Roland Werner brought greetings and a message of peace to the Indian movement, and appreciated their partnership the YMCA Germany and India share for over 50 years of time.

Berthold Messinger

The evening followed with many informal and side meetings of interest with Berthold Messinger on projects and Roland. The next day the leadership of National council including the National president Roland Williams, National General Secretary of YCA India, John Varghese and many other fraternal leaders like Daniel Ravikumar and department staff.

The sharing was based on knowing each other mission strength and challenge of both the movements and see the possibility of further connectivity in mission in the days to come.

Both Roland and Berthold shared their experiences in India and also appraised the long partnership with the Indian Movement and German movement. The meeting was productive and proactively looked into future initiatives. As the teams travel round India to various partners in teams of three, will come back to reflect on all the experiences gained in the visit.

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  1. Many thanks Bettina and Nathanael for carrying these information and pictures. They are updates of all the events in India connected to the visit of Roland and Team from Germany. This was a trip of blessings strengthening partnership and connecting new frontiers of mission and ministry. Roland brought many blessings and especially the meeting with all Religious leaders in Delhi on 26 Jan, the Republic Day of India, where he claimed the gospel without hurting the sentiments of people of all faiths. The greatest acceptance for Roland was when he spoke Arabic and won the heart of the Islamic leaders. Of course they said, he spoke Egypt Arabic but well. Roland also preached at the Delhi Cathedral on 27 Jan, on the important topic of man women relationship from biblical perspective and stole the heart of the listeners.

    It was indeed a blessed event to travel with Roland and be blessed by him; I feel many more possibilities will arise for him to be in India soon.

    Thank you for carrying the posts in the blog.
    The other brief two reports could be alos carried and thanks for the same.

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