CVJM-Hochschule unterstützt den Aufbau einer afrikanischen YMCA University

Group in Africa.

A group of 12 people drawn from YMCA, both executive and volunteers, came together from 12-15 November in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss the possibility of establishing African Renaissance University. The meeting began with Barbara Schellhammer, who dwelt on the background of the University initiative. Barbara also provided the essence of the research she and her husband (Erich Schellhammer) were engaged in, on behalf of Royal Roads University (Canada) in May 2011, at Togo, which serves as  a base document.

The group consented to work on two important aspects of the ARU:

  • To work on a curriculum for the leadership Institute for Africa Alliance, for staff / executive and volunteers capacity building and
  • Business plan for the Africa Renaissance University

Carlos Sanvee, African Alliance of YMCAs, gave a brief scan on the interest for starting a university that emanates the African history, renaissance of culture and distinctive African context.

Dr. Helmut Danner

There was a special presentation by Dr. Helmut Danner, the author of the book, ‘The end of Arrogance’ who has lived in Kenya for decades. He shared an input on how to evolve a relevant and contextual curriculum, which was followed by an interesting critical and reflective discussion.

Wolfgang Neuser

As part of the second session Dr. Wolfgang Neuser presented a session on ‘Goal Setting’, exploring the vision and mission for such an university exploration. He divided the group into four to discuss SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats), to discuss the leadership institute and also ARU. The group-after discussion culminated into a plenary sharing the view points and writing down the list on the above.

The day was very productive, leading into the next day which will indulge in further discussion on designing a curriculum for the leadership Institute for staff and executive training and volunteers.

The staff of Africa Alliance of YMCAs participated in the forenoon and it is noteworthy to mention one of the staff is Gunter Ozdyk, who was a former volunteer in Sierra Leone, who now serves as staff, networking on IT provision for the Africa movement.

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