B.A. Human Development – Face to face residency 2nd week

Coaching Session with Niki Kux-Kardos from Canada.

The second week of the residency began with Niki Fritz as she calls herself. Niki  is a professional coach from Canada and delivered to us a strong and dialogical session on coaching. She dealt vividly on the power of coaching, various models of coaching and carried her session with many small group exercises to gain insights into the content of the course.

The small groups played roles as Coach, Coachee and Observer in order to gain practical engagement and learning outcomes from participatory process.

All together (with the national flag of Ghana)

She further dwelt on communication and inter-cultural perspectives  as to how  some of the simple communications are viewed from many respective cultural contexts. The small groups also exercised on paraphrasing, asking leading questions, both close end and open ended questions, Reflection and power of silence. Sharing many personal and community cases, she influenced on the group the power to be a coach and how each one of us in our work and positioning in community and church could be an effective coach. Condensing on the top ten qualities of a coach she trailed through many sub dominant themes of, Your light and values, Coaching and resilience, Reflection and support ,Reflection practice; debrief; culture & relevance and closing circle. What a well accomplished session that ended on Wednesday with an in-depth discussion.

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