A visit to Obersalzberg

This is a historical place. Obersalzberg is the place where Adolf Hitler lived most of his life. This is the most important place next to Berlin for him. The exhibition and information brought about man y revelations on the Peron of Hitler. This place is called ‘Eagle’s Nest’ this is so because of the location of the house. This is located so high where only eagles dare. But he has constructed a private road to reach him.

All together.

From the documentary narration we recognized the life style of Hitler was a dichotomy. He appeared often with children and people to win the confidence of the German people and at the same time his private life was concealed and displayed him as loner and need entertainment all the time to keep himself cheerful and pepped up. To me this was obviously a style of a strong leader who had the charisma to transfer his personal hatred to be the national consensus, including framing national policy or racial policy and nationalism of national community. This is a powerful model of strategic elimination of weak by the strong and powerful.

But at the end what became very encouraging was the cutting-edge leadership of Col. Claus von Stauffenburg who had the courage to stand against the tyranny of fear. It is the leadership of Col .Stauffenburg, Dietrich Bonheoffer, Hans Litten that inspired me in particular. Amidst all fearful dictatorship, there was someone who threw hope to rest by opposing the dictator or Furher ( leader) as called in German. The history shall remember the leadership of Col. Stauffenburg who had the courage and took a stand against the destructive powers which calls for courage at the cost of his own life.

It also makes us feel that people who stood against Hitler were like prophets of Old Testament, like Nathan who had the courage to face and tell powerful king David that he was wrong. And also Prophet Elisha who stood to tell the evil king Ahab and his wife Jezebel that were wrong. The hope is in those who could challenge and resist evil and to rewrite history of hope by taking a strong position for justice and right.

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