BA Human Development first face to face residency

Participants of the first face to face residency.

Amidst beauty of nature and scenic location of YMCA Guesthouse at Hintersee, Germany, the first face-to-face residency programme of BA HuD and the first batch of the international BA online programme of The International YMCA University, Kassel has kicked off on Monday.

With over 30 applications reaching the IYU at Kassel, 20 participants were granted admission who met the criteria laid down by the accreditation board. Meeting the benchmark of standardization and index of the study requirement, several YMCAs staff and volunteers, social workers and church associated missions’ workers chose to begin the fulltime three years BA HuD programme.

Covering in total 180 credit points, the fulltime study programme covers a variety of dynamic modules of human development, leadership and cross-cultural dialogue that combines theology, social work and management.

A group of 16 participants from four continents (Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America) sent in their arrival details to meet for the first face-to-face from 17-28 September at Hintersee. As the first batch of the participants stood to invoke God’s blessings in this new and challenging educational journey, the first day began with a devotion led by Solomon Benjamin and the first session started with open discussion on expectations and also a detailed description of the course contents, module hand book and code of conduct by Dr. Barbara Schellhammer.

Learning in groups.

The first residency draws on various dynamic experiences of the group synergizing a wide spectrum of professional and vocational acumen. They share a distinctive combination of YMCA, YWAM, OM and community development agencies. The participants bring to the study a variety of professional backgrounds as YMCA staff and volunteers, theatre specialists, youth development workers, music and creative arts specialists, theological trained, flight attendant, engaged in business and development project facilitators.

The day also experienced some humorous moments, when an expression as „bringing warm cloths“ to Hintersee was perceived.
The friends from Africa thought of bringing sleeveless shirts and short pants as they are warm clothes in their respective context. Others thought it might be cold hence need warm clothing. Intercultural communications began on such lighter note but ironically highlighted the different culturally perceived notions.

The first residency will have Dr. Barbara Schellhammer, Dr. Neuser, Dr. Niki Kux-Kardos (from Canada) . Solomon Benjamin, Stefan Westhauser as faculty resource persons.

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  1. This is fantastic and the team is doing on well. The last participant from Niger arrived early this morning and we are full now with 17 particiapnts.

    We went for a trip to Obersalzberg to see the Eagle’s Nest. This was a tough journey recollecting destruction but there was still hope that someone changed the course of this era into to a time of hope.
    Those who stood for good and right strongly demonstrated a godly character like prophets who took a position for Kingdom against evil and selfishness.
    How Nathan stood to say this to King David and Elisha stood to say to King Ahab and evil queen Jezebel.

    Third day started with a devotion and class…..many more news soon.

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