Bishop of Amritsar diocese visits CVJM-Hochschule and CVJM-Kolleg

On 6 June for two days the Bishop of Amritsar and his wife Lily visited CVJM-Kolleg and CVJM-Hochschule, Kassel and had few discussions with the faculties and also with the International department of the National Council of YMCAs of Germany.

Rt. Revd. Dr. Samantroy , Bishop of Amritsar diocese visits CVJM-Hochschule

In a mutually enriching engagement, the Bishop and CVJM-Gesamtverband engaged in discussions exploring possibilities of exchange and also share their cultural and Organizational experiences. Bishop held discussion with Mr. Berthold Messinger (head International work of CVJM-Gesamtverband), Andreas Getfert (Dozent for practical work, CVJM-Kolleg) and Prof. Dr. Klaus Schulz (Deputy Rector, CVJM-Hochschule). Berthold discussed on the role of the Amritsar diocese, located near the border of Pakistan and India, explored the  Peace initiative and reconciliation mission of the church and also with YMCA as the Bishop is also shared his leadership with YMCA On North India. Bishop shared the many Peace programme and integration work initiated by the Church.

Andreas Getfert shared on the work of the CVJM-Kolleg and discussed the possibility of Students placed in practical semester within the diocese. Bishop invited and offered to host fulfilling the criteria of Social work by involving university social work professors to supervise and to offer a grass root mission experiences, working with people of other faith, nationality and agreed to host them with basic needed boarding and lodging. The students will also participate in many of the church activities and engage in Micro-credit forums, inter-faith initiatives, work among children and youth and other community development programmes the diocese is engaged with the society.

He further said, Amritsar diocese has snow most of the year and goes up around 4 feet living above 2500 feet above sea-level. They run ‘skiing institute’ for beginners and advances level and invited those interested to visit them for this experience.

Klaus Schulz shared information on International YMCA University of applied sciences, very particularly the new initiative of the B. A. Human Development. This was an inspiring programme which Bishop expressed his desire to take back and also his wife explored the possibility of using some of the modules like Gender, leadership and community development modules for the church groups. He agreed to explore the website.

The meetings brought close ties with the church in Amritsar and CVJM-Gesamtverband. Due to meetings in Georgia, Roland Werner expressed his greetings and also Wolfgang Neuser who was away on meetings.

Bischof Samantaroy aus Indien, war anlässlich eines Jubiläums der Partnerschaft  mit dem  Zentrum Ökumene der Evangelischen Kirche in Hessen und Nassau. Er kommt aus Orissa in Indien, dort werden  Christen gefoltert und Kirchen verbrannt. In Kassel besuchte er das CVJM-Kolleg und die CVJM-Hochschule. Hier sprach er mit Berthold Messinger (Referent CVJM weltweit beim CVJM-Gesamtverband), Andreas Getfert (Dozent am CVJM-Kolleg) und Klaus Schulz (Pro-Rektor des CVJM-Hochschule).

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